15 April 2013

Capitals Pracitce 4-15-13

For a turn of events, I made a trip to DC for a Capitals practice! Here are the photos for your viewing pleasure! :)

 photo IMG_0919_zpsd100e466.jpg

 photo IMG_0915_zpse9350d40.jpg

 photo IMG_0894_zpsb937ce24.jpg

 photo IMG_0884_zps6c6a4af9.jpg

 photo IMG_0864_zps78258626.jpg

 photo IMG_0859_zps2d570b9b.jpg

 photo IMG_0854_zpscdfe0e26.jpg

 photo IMG_0852_zpsbecd2ae2.jpg

 photo IMG_0849_zps6943bf8c.jpg

 photo IMG_0828_zps5fd695fb.jpg

 photo IMG_0826_zpsb70457dc.jpg

 photo IMG_0824_zpsfd78a2ee.jpg

 photo IMG_0821_zps5e7a7ee6.jpg

 photo IMG_0814_zps38890105.jpg

 photo IMG_0808_zps801ec61d.jpg

 photo IMG_0801_zps3c1cd50e.jpg

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